Today is the Veterans

Today is the Day that we Honor our Veterans

Happy Veterans Day! We are grateful to those that have served and answered the call to protect our country and defend our nation. This is a time where I remember those family members whom are no longer with us that were very proud of there service to our country. Jerry McFaddin known to me as PopaDaddy, was a medic in WWI, a jokester in our family and a wonderful Grandfather to a boy growing up in Houston. My step father, Gene M Woodfin, was a Lieutenant in the Navy on the mine sweeper USS Sway, he was my mentor and the smartest man that I have ever met. Today we honor them and their service as well as all those who are on active duty today and protecting our Freedom. If you see a service man or women stop and thank them for their service, it will be appreciated and bring a smile to their face.

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